The nature of effective quality management involves identifying root causes of problems and taking proactive steps to prevent quality problems before they occur. At Cushman & Wakefield, we believe the critical ingredients of quality management include a strong corrective action and preventative action process, consistency and an attitude of caring.

To ensure that tenants receive fast and efficient service, Cushman & Wakefield has maintenance staff on duty during normal business hours Monday-Friday. When your request for service is received, a work order is prepared and a member of the maintenance team is dispatched to answer the call.

All requests for repairs or service, such as light bulbs out, broken door locks, waste bins, temperature adjustments and key replacements, should be directed to the maintenance request website. After-hours emergency calls should be directed to the after-hours number at (202) 875-2757. Routine calls placed after hours will be addressed the next business day, emergency calls will be dispatched immediately.