Policies & Procedures
Tenant Alterations

Office suites are typically built-to-suit the need of individual tenants prior to move-in. Alterations including the installation of communications systems, music systems or security systems, which involve any connection to the building electrical systems or building structure itself must comply with the provisions of your lease and are subject to advanced approval by Property Management.

Should you require these services, please notify Property Management in writing. You will be notified of any additional information that may be required for approval to proceed with alterations. Once approved, you will be notified in writing by the Property Manager. Under no circumstances will alterations be permitted without approval in advance from the Property Manager.

If remodeling is decorative only (e.g., painting, re-carpeting or rearrangement of temporary office partitions), and does not involve significant alterations, we will suspend or accelerate maintenance and cleaning, and help in any way we can. Construction personnel requiring use of an elevator for all inter-floor movement must contact Property Management to “lock-off ” a freight elevator for the activity in advance. This allows us to help facilitate your movement of building materials and protect the elevator cab finishes.